Homeowners Insurance Named & Unnamed Perils: What’s Covered, What Isn’t

Perils are risks that cause damage. For example, falling trees or water damage are considered risks or perils. Here at Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX, we’ll explain the difference between named and unnamed perils and some things they cover.

Named Perils

Named perils are risks specified in writing within the insurance policy, which means the peril will be covered. Anything named is not included, as everything listed in the policy is included by default. Theft and fire are prime examples of named perils.

Unnamed Perils

Also known as all-risk insurance, all-risk is the opposite of what we call named perils. Almost everything is covered under an unnamed peril policy that is more comprehensive than all risk coverage. Unexplained losses are also generally covered.

All Risks and Name Perils Under the Same Policy

It’s possible to have coverage that says all risks apply to your leasehold or building improvements, with named perils applying to your personal property. It’s also feasible to have an all-risk policy with a few property types considered named perils. This is why knowing more about this type of coverage is so important.

Exclusions and Additional Coverage

Items that are considered exclusions under a policy may have some limited coverage. Simple risks like normal wear and tear and depletion are excluded, though. However, add-ons known as endorsements or riders can help cover these costs. These can be useful to add on to just about any home policy.

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A Simple Guide to Bond Insurance

Nurturing Businesses with Allen Jones Insurance Agency

Based in and around Seguin, TX, Allen Jones Insurance Agency is committed to helping businesses find the insurance they need. One such insurance is bond coverage, which can shield businesses from various financial challenges and provide support, thereby helping to keep them safe.

Demystifying Bond Insurance

Bond insurance is a protective layer that safeguards bond insurers from non-payment from the holders. Should they go into default, a bond insurance policy can help mitigate serious long-term complications and ensure a smoother experience for you.

The Value Proposition of Bond Insurance

Are you curious about the benefits of bond insurance protection? Here are a few advantages you stand to gain:

  • Protect your investment: Bond insurance offers repayment in the event of a default, cushioning your finances, given that bonds represent an investment for your firm.
  • Enhance your credit rating: By underpinning your bond with a bond insurance policy, you can effectively signal your seriousness about protection to credit firms, thus improving your credit rating.
  • Increase market appeal: By reinforcing your bonds with sound insurance policies, you can boost their appeal and achieve a more robust portfolio.

Acquiring Bond Insurance

Your insurance provider can assist you with setting up comprehensive bond insurance applicable to every bond you offer. They can also guide you through the terms of insurance policies, enhancing your understanding of their scope and benefits—a tremendous advantage for you.

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Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Cover Theft?

Safeguard Your Construction Site: The Necessities of Builder’s Risk Insurance

It is commonplace to find a plethora of valuable materials and equipment at construction sites, especially when a new home, storefront, or office is being erected in Seguin, TX. Unfortunately, these pricey items often become hot targets for thieves. Commodities such as plumbing fixtures, copper wirings, and appliances turn construction projects into appealing prospects for criminals. Employ builder’s risk insurance to reduce any potential losses.

What Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Cover?

This insurance plan commonly includes coverage for theft of materials used in construction or renovation and most fixtures. However, many policy packages usually exclude larceny committed by your workforce. If employee theft is a critical concern, certain business insurance types can cater to this need.

Understanding Builder’s Risk Insurance Policies

Insurance policies vary; some, for instance, insure construction tools while others don’t. Others might cover most tools but exclude larger equipment. Adequate coverage for heavy machinery can be added through a rider. Don’t hesitate to consult your insurance agent for more specifics.

Insurance Coverage for Motor Vehicles on Construction Sites

Commercial trucks and vans are often integral to construction projects. Regrettably, they can be stolen when employees are occupied elsewhere. While some builder’s risk policies cover vehicles on-site, many do not. In such cases, a commercial auto insurance policy will more likely provide coverage for a stolen or broken vehicle.

How the Allen Jones Insurance Agency Can Help

For those eyeing builder’s risk or other business coverage, the Allen Jones Insurance Agency’s specialists can assist you in finding the plan that addresses your needs. We have connections to varying policies offered by 40 different insurance providers. That allows us to offer the best possible insurance tailored to your company’s specific requirements. As an independent local agency, we proudly serve the entire Seguin, TX area, along with the rest of the state. Reach out to Allen Jones Insurance Agency for a quote or additional information.

Three Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

When you need auto insurance, a single policy will have several different kinds of coverage in it, depending on what’s required for you and what you choose that isn’t required. There are a number of types of coverage that can be in these policies. Each type gives you a different kind of financial protection in case of accidents and other incidents. When you’re in need of an auto insurance policy, call us at Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX.

Property Damage Liability

This is a type that pays for the other party’s damages if you’re in an accident with them that causes them to need repairs. This may be repairs done to landscaping, a building, a mailbox, a vehicle, etc. The policy pays those costs so that you don’t have to. Vehicles and other property can be extremely expensive, so it’s never a good idea to go without this coverage. 

Bodily Injury Liability

This type of liability pays for the expenses another party has if they’re injured in an accident with you. These expenses often include medical bills, but they may include other costs like ongoing therapy, lost wages, etc. Without a policy to pay for this, you could be in serious financial trouble when the bills come due. 

Collision Coverage

This is an elective type of coverage that protects your vehicle in case of an accident. While your property damage liability coverage pays for the other party’s damages, it pays nothing for yours. For that, you need to choose to have collision coverage on your policy. This is important protection that every vehicle owner needs in case of an accident. 

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What is the best kind of commercial insurance for my small business?

Insurance is not something you want to skimp on. As a general rule, you should have insurance for anything you will not be able to pay for on your own if something were to happen. It can be difficult to figure out which kinds of events are the biggest risks for a Seguin, TX small business. Allen Jones Insurance Agency can explain your options and help you to evaluate your current needs.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Many small businesses choose to purchase a BOP.  A Business Owner’s Policy combines the most important kinds of insurance in one package, helping you to save money and coordinate claims. 

A Business Owner’s Policy combines these important protections:

  • General liability insurance protects your business in case anyone is injured or property becomes damaged because of your business operations, products, or service. 
    • Commercial property insurance protects your physical assets, including your building, tools, equipment, inventory, and other items. 

 Commercial Auto Insurance

Your business needs to have commercial auto coverage if you use any vehicles in the course of business, even if you are using personal vehicles instead of vehicles purchased for the company.

Workers’ Compensation

If your business has any employees, workers’ compensation insurance will protect you in case of injury.

Professional Liability Insurance

If your business depends on professional services, this kind of insurance will protect you in case of mistakes.

Health Insurance

You can choose from among several different policies and companies.

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What works for one business might not work for another, and your needs today might change tomorrow. You should always feel free to make any changes as needed. If you want to make sure that you have enough protection for your Seguin, TX small business, call Allen Jones Insurance Agency today.

Tiny Homes, Big Coverage: Insuring Your Tiny House

The surge in tiny home popularity brings forth a need for insurance that comprehensively addresses the unique challenges of this lifestyle. For owners of mobile tiny homes, the constant mobility introduces a distinct set of risks. Traditional homeowners’ policies may fall short when it comes to covering the dynamic nature of transportation and the potential hazards on the road. Seeking out insurance options specifically designed for mobile tiny homes becomes imperative, ensuring protection during transit for both the dwelling and its contents.

Here’s more information about insuring your tiny home from Allen Jones Insurance Agency, serving the greater Seguin, TX area.

Off-Grid Living: Redefining Coverage Parameters

Tiny homes often embrace off-grid living, utilizing alternative systems like solar panels and composting toilets. This characteristic necessitates a reevaluation of insurance policies to accommodate the self-sufficiency of off-grid lifestyles. Insurers must adapt their offerings to cover damages or losses arising from these unique living arrangements, recognizing the departure from conventional utility connections.

Sustainable Building Materials: Valuing Eco-Friendly Choices

A cornerstone of the tiny house movement is the use of sustainable building materials. Insuring tiny homes involves grappling with the valuation and replacement cost of these eco-friendly alternatives. Insurance providers must meticulously assess the durability and longevity of such materials to accurately determine coverage requirements.

In the evolving landscape of the tiny house movement, insurance solutions must adapt to safeguard these compact dwellings and their owners. Navigating the intricacies of mobility, off-grid living, and sustainable materials, homeowners can find tailored coverage that aligns with the unique considerations of tiny living. If you’re looking for home insurance for your tiny home in the greater Seguin, TX area, reach out to Allen Jones Insurance Agency to get started today. 

How Bond Insurance Reduces Borrowing Costs for Municipalities

Municipalities, including cities like Seguin, TX and the surrounding areas, counties, and states, frequently turn to issuing municipal bonds to raise funds for various public projects and infrastructure improvements. These bonds are debt securities sold to investors with the promise of regular interest payments and the repayment of the bond’s face value upon maturity. However, the cost of borrowing for municipalities can be substantial due to perceived risks. 

Understanding Bond Insurance

Bond insurance, also known as municipal bond insurance or financial guarantee insurance, is a financial product that guarantees principal and interest payments on municipal bonds. Insurance companies offer it and act as a safety net for investors, ensuring they receive their due payments even if the issuer faces financial difficulties.

Key Benefits of Bond Insurance for Municipalities

  • Lower Borrowing Costs: When a municipality’s bonds are insured, they receive a higher credit rating, often reaching the highest possible rating (AAA or its equivalent). This increased creditworthiness makes the bonds more attractive to investors, leading to lower interest rates on the debt issued. Ultimately, this means lower borrowing costs for the municipality, saving taxpayer dollars in interest payments.
  • Enhanced Market Access: Bond insurance can broaden the market for a municipality’s bonds. With insurance backing, bonds appeal to a broader range of investors, including risk-averse individuals and institutions. This increased demand can result in better pricing and lower yields.
  • Improved Credit Profile: Bond insurance enhances a municipality’s credit profile, making it more attractive to bondholders. This can lead to faster and more efficient bond issuance and helps create a solid financial reputation for the municipality.

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Emerging Trends in Builder’s Risk Insurance: Innovations and Best Practices

The insurance industry in and around Seguin, TX has seen several emerging trends shaping the landscape of builder’s risk insurance. Technology, climate change, Green Building practices, and more are all innovating the industry. 

Technology Integration

  • Trend: Insurers leverage technology tools like drones, IoT sensors, and data analytics to monitor construction sites and assess risks more accurately.
  • Best Practice: Implementing IoT sensors for real-time monitoring and investing in site security systems can improve site safety and reduce insurance premiums.

Climate Change Considerations

  • Trend: With the growing impact of climate change, builder’s risk insurance policies are adapting to include coverage for weather-related events like flooding, wildfires, and hurricanes.
  • Best Practice: Working with insurers who offer comprehensive climate coverage can ensure better protection against weather-related losses.

Sustainability and Green Building Practices

  • Trend: The construction industry is increasingly adopting sustainable and green building practices. 
  • Best Practice: When pursuing sustainable construction projects, engage with insurers who offer coverage for green building materials, energy-efficient features, and sustainable practices. 

Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Trend: Global events have highlighted the vulnerability of supply chains in construction. Insurers are now offering coverage for supply chain disruptions.
  • Best Practice: Builders should assess the resilience of their supply chains and consider insurance policies that cover delays and disruptions. 

Contract Review and Clarity

  • Trend: There is a growing emphasis on the importance of clear and well-drafted construction contracts to avoid disputes and ensure that insurance coverage aligns with the project’s needs.
  • Best Practice: Builders and contractors should invest in contract review services to ensure that insurance provisions are clear, accurate, and in line with project requirements. 

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Safety Tips for Urban Drivers

Urban driving can be a challenge for anyone, but even more so for new drivers. Narrow streets, heavy traffic, and crowds of pedestrians can make city driving a nerve-wracking experience. These safety tips from Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX can help enhance safety and take the stress out of urban driving. 

Urban Driving Safety Tips

Patience and alertness are key to smooth-city driving. Here are a few ways to keep your cool and stay alert on city streets:

  • Make use of navigation apps to get around, especially if you’re new to the city. These apps are free and can help you get to your destination quicker with fewer risks.
  • Always signal when changing lanes or turning to give other drivers fair notice of your intentions, so they can plan accordingly.   
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination to avoid speeding or driving haphazardly to get to your meeting on time.
  • Drive defensively but courteously to encourage everyone else to do the same. This makes for a safer, more pleasant commute.
  • Slow down at intersections and watch for pedestrians crossing the street unexpectedly. Pay special attention to people entering and exiting cars parked on the side of the road. 
  • Focus on driving and don’t get distracted by texts on your phone, music on the radio, other passengers, or the myriad of pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.
  • Keep a safe distance from other drivers, even in stop-and-go traffic. This gives you space to maneuver out of a tight spot if you have to or react quickly if the guy in front of you brakes suddenly.

Importance of Auto Insurance

Make sure your auto insurance is up-to-date and that you have the protection you need for urban driving. For quality auto coverage at affordable costs, contact Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX.

The Importance of Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

Small businesses in Seguin, TX are essential components of the local economy. As such, they face several risks and challenges daily, from difficult customers and harsh competition to lawsuits and property damage. One of the best ways for these businesses to protect themselves from these threats is to get liability insurance. Allen Jones Insurance Agency explains why it should be a priority for any entrepreneur.

Why Liability Insurance

Protecting Your Business

Liability insurance protects small businesses from accidents, damage, and other liabilities. For instance, a customer could slip and fall on your premises or get injured by your product or service, leading to costly lawsuits and medical expenses. Liability insurance covers these costs and ensures your business can continue operating without experiencing severe financial setbacks.

Complying with Legal Requirements

Texas requires most businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and other forms of insurance, depending on their industry and operations. Not complying with these regulations could lead to fines, penalties, lawsuits, and legal fees that could devastate your business.

Credibility and Professionalism

Customers are more likely to trust and engage with a business with insurance coverage since it implies professionalism, responsibility, and credibility. Therefore, investing in liability insurance for your business could improve your reputation and attract more customers.

Peace of Mind

Running a small business comes with several uncertainties and risks. It could be challenging to sleep well at night, knowing that a lawsuit or accident could put your entire livelihood at risk.

We Are Here To Help

Liability insurance is a critical investment for small businesses in Seguin, TX. It protects your business from financial losses and liabilities that could lead to bankruptcy, lawsuits, and reputational damage. Call Allen Jones Insurance Agency to get the liability insurance coverage that matches your business’s industry and operations.