What are the risks of not having commercial insurance

Business insurance remains one of the biggest expenses for many companies and small businesses. However, without insurance, your business is open to numerous risks. Also, operating a business without insurance means being unprepared if something goes wrong with your product or service. Keep reading this blog post to know more about the risks you may face if you decide to skip or cancel your commercial policy. 

What are the risks of running a company without commercial insurance?

Here is a list of the most common risks that many companies face: 

  • Financial risk. Unexpected situations happen every day. Floods, fire, vandalism – these are just a few examples. The worst thing about them is that you cannot predict them. If you do not have commercial insurance, the situation can be even worse because you will have to cover all the expenses associated with these events out of pocket. 
  • Legal risks. Clients and customers often take legal action against businesses. Lawsuits are usually expensive and physically and emotionally draining. Without insurance, you remain entirely unprotected and have to deal with such situations yourself. 
  • Risk of losing your business. As mentioned above, many catastrophic events can destroy your business. If you do not have commercial insurance, you must restore or lose your business. 

One of the best things you can do for your business and yourself as a business owner is to purchase commercial insurance. Even if it seems like a waste of money, it can save you thousands of dollars. Are you shopping for business insurance in Seguin, TX, or nearby? Allen Jones Insurance Agency is here to assist you. We know everything about insurance and will help you find the perfect policy.