Home Insurance in Texas

While the state of Texas does not require homeowners to purchase home insurance, it remains a good idea for homeowners to protect your investment with an appropriate amount of insurance coverage.

In fact, if you have a mortgage on your home, it is quite likely that your lender requires you to carry enough homeowner’s insurance to satisfy your debt to the bank should a covered event occur. Your lender may also require you to purchase additional flood insurance for your home as well.

Allen Jones Insurance Agency in New Braunfels, TX wants to help you get the coverage you need to protect your investment in your home. Here’s what you need to know.

There are six types of home insurance coverages for homeowners. They include:

  • 1. Dwelling coverage. That is protection for damage to the physical structure of your home from covered risks.
  • 2. Personal property or possessions coverage. Pays for your personal belongings up to the policy limits. Some high-value items may require additional insurance beyond what’s available through your standard policy. This includes high-value items like electronics, furs, collections, antiques, and jewelry.
  • 3. Additional structures protection. This coverage extends to other structures on the property such as detached garages, utility sheds, and other outbuildings.
  • 4. Loss of use insurance. This coverage is invaluable in that it helps cover the costs of alternate living arrangements while your home is under repair.
  • 5. Personal liability insurance. This insurance covers medical bills and other costs for people who are injured on or by your property. For instance, if a tree from your property crashes into your neighbor's minivan, this insurance covers the costs of repairs to the minivan. Additionally, this insurance helps to cover your legal expenses if you are sued as a result of these damages.
  • 6. Medical payments protection. This specific insurance pays for the medical costs of people who are injured on your property and a few other select instances.

These are the basics about the different coverages and how they can affect you and your home. Call Allen Jones Insurance Agency today to learn more specific information about the types of insurance available to you and which coverages you need most.