Why Builders Risk Insurance Matters in Texas

Construction always comes with risk. That includes risk to the property itself. The building process leaves structures vulnerable. Projects can stop because of theft, natural disaster, or many other reasons. Builder’s risk insurance provides coverage in case of damage. At Allen Jones Insurance Agency, we serve insurance-seekers in Seguin, TX. A lot of clients ask us about builders’ risk insurance. Here’s what you need to know. 

Texas Requirements 

During construction projects, the state of Texas has some insurance requirements. Namely, it requires either the contractor or building owner to have insurance for property damage. Builder’s risk insurance can help contractors meet those coverage requirements. 

Furthermore, some cities and counties may require builders’ risk insurance, specifically. Local insurance laws vary from one area to the next. For contractors who work in multiple counties, builders’ risk insurance can help them make sure they meet all requirements no matter where they work. 

Texas Weather and Other Challenges 

Texas construction sites have some unique challenges. The weather provides one of the biggest challenges. We’re all familiar with Texas heat. And last year’s snow storms proved that Texas weather can get unpredictable. Texas is also prone to wildfires, tornados, major thunderstorms, and more. 

Construction can be unpredictable in any state. Texas adds even more unpredictability to the mix. The right insurance policy can help you stay prepared. 

Why Builders Risk Insurance Matters 

Of course, builders risk insurance matters anywhere. All construction sites could benefit from this kind of coverage. That’s because builders’ risk insurance doesn’t just cover the building itself. It also covers other construction-related things. A lot of important factors go into construction. Builders’ risk insurance is designed with those factors in mind. 

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