Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Texas

While boat and watercraft insurance is not required under the laws of Texas, it is a great idea to have an insurance policy in place to protect the investment you have made in your boat, personal watercraft, jet ski, or any other watercraft you may own. Also, if you borrowed the money to purchase your boat or watercraft from a bank or other lender, you may be required to purchase an insurance policy under your lender’s policies.

Liability Boat or Watercraft Insurance

While you are not required in Texas to carry a liability insurance policy on your boat or watercraft, it is a good idea in the event you're involved in an accident. This type of policy would cover the property and medical bills of others involved in the crash.

Comprehensive Boat or Watercraft Insurance

A comprehensive boat insurance policy will cover your beloved boat or watercraft if it is damaged or destroyed by a fire, a natural disaster, or vandalism. This policy will also replace your boat if it is stolen. Comprehensive boat and watercraft insurance will provide you with the assurance that your boat is safe and protected.

Collision Insurance for Your Boat or Watercraft

Collision insurance will cover your boat, jet ski, or other watercraft if you hit another boat or an object. For example, if you crash into the dock while trying to park your boat for the day, this policy will pay for the damages incurred and repair your boat or watercraft.

To obtain the best insurance policy for your boat or other watercraft, you should enlist the help of an insurance agent who is experienced with this type of insurance. The trusted and knowledgeable boat and watercraft insurance agents at the Allen Jones Insurance Agency in New Braunfels, TX are prepared to assist you with all your insurance needs. Call today for an appointment to set up your insurance coverage and gain the peace of mind you deserve.