Common Texas Car Insurance Myths Debunked

When you are purchasing Texas car insurance, a lot of questions about your own life will go through your mind. You have to think about driving records, what impacts your insurance rates, and what kind of coverage you need to drive on Texas roads.

At Allen Jones Insurance Agency, we want Seguin, TX residents to be clear on everything when it comes to purchasing your Texas auto insurance. We want to make sure that the most common car insurance myths don’t prevent you from getting the right coverage.

Car Accidents and Traffic Violations

It is common knowledge that when you get involved in an accident, you may be charged with a traffic violation or get a ticket. This will always impact your auto insurance. Some people think that if you don’t get a ticket or charge after an accident, your insurance is not impacted.

This is sometimes not the case. If the other driver makes a claim and involves your insurance company, you may see an increase in your premiums.

Texas Auto Insurance Follows the Car

This is among the most common confusions when purchasing car insurance, or when letting someone else drive your vehicle. If a friend or family member drives your car, your insurance will be involved in any problems that may come up.

Their insurance may be involved for medical costs. However, your insurance covers your property, regardless of who is driving at the time of a collision.

Driving Record is Not the Only Thing That Matters

There are a lot of factors that go into determining your car insurance policy. Your driver record matters. There are other things that are taken into consideration as well. 

Security features such as anti-theft devices, the price of your vehicle, and your insurance record will all play a role in your insurance premiums. It doesn’t mean you can’t get car insurance if there are some problems here, but this information will impact premiums.

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