Homeowners Insurance Named & Unnamed Perils: What’s Covered, What Isn’t

Perils are risks that cause damage. For example, falling trees or water damage are considered risks or perils. Here at Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX, we’ll explain the difference between named and unnamed perils and some things they cover.

Named Perils

Named perils are risks specified in writing within the insurance policy, which means the peril will be covered. Anything named is not included, as everything listed in the policy is included by default. Theft and fire are prime examples of named perils.

Unnamed Perils

Also known as all-risk insurance, all-risk is the opposite of what we call named perils. Almost everything is covered under an unnamed peril policy that is more comprehensive than all risk coverage. Unexplained losses are also generally covered.

All Risks and Name Perils Under the Same Policy

It’s possible to have coverage that says all risks apply to your leasehold or building improvements, with named perils applying to your personal property. It’s also feasible to have an all-risk policy with a few property types considered named perils. This is why knowing more about this type of coverage is so important.

Exclusions and Additional Coverage

Items that are considered exclusions under a policy may have some limited coverage. Simple risks like normal wear and tear and depletion are excluded, though. However, add-ons known as endorsements or riders can help cover these costs. These can be useful to add on to just about any home policy.

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Tiny Homes, Big Coverage: Insuring Your Tiny House

The surge in tiny home popularity brings forth a need for insurance that comprehensively addresses the unique challenges of this lifestyle. For owners of mobile tiny homes, the constant mobility introduces a distinct set of risks. Traditional homeowners’ policies may fall short when it comes to covering the dynamic nature of transportation and the potential hazards on the road. Seeking out insurance options specifically designed for mobile tiny homes becomes imperative, ensuring protection during transit for both the dwelling and its contents.

Here’s more information about insuring your tiny home from Allen Jones Insurance Agency, serving the greater Seguin, TX area.

Off-Grid Living: Redefining Coverage Parameters

Tiny homes often embrace off-grid living, utilizing alternative systems like solar panels and composting toilets. This characteristic necessitates a reevaluation of insurance policies to accommodate the self-sufficiency of off-grid lifestyles. Insurers must adapt their offerings to cover damages or losses arising from these unique living arrangements, recognizing the departure from conventional utility connections.

Sustainable Building Materials: Valuing Eco-Friendly Choices

A cornerstone of the tiny house movement is the use of sustainable building materials. Insuring tiny homes involves grappling with the valuation and replacement cost of these eco-friendly alternatives. Insurance providers must meticulously assess the durability and longevity of such materials to accurately determine coverage requirements.

In the evolving landscape of the tiny house movement, insurance solutions must adapt to safeguard these compact dwellings and their owners. Navigating the intricacies of mobility, off-grid living, and sustainable materials, homeowners can find tailored coverage that aligns with the unique considerations of tiny living. If you’re looking for home insurance for your tiny home in the greater Seguin, TX area, reach out to Allen Jones Insurance Agency to get started today. 

Tips to prepare your home for a storm

Storm season can be a scary time of year for many people here in the Seguin, TX area. Preparation is key to helping make sure that your family and home stay safe during this time of year. Here are some tips from us at Allen Jones Insurance Agency to help you prepare your home for an upcoming storm. 

Tips to prepare your home for a storm

1. Secure loose items outside

Make sure to secure any outdoor furniture, decorations, or debris that could be moved around by strong winds. 

2. Trim trees and shrubs

Be sure to prune any trees or shrubs that may be near your home, as these can become hazardous if they fall onto your house during a storm. 

3. Prepare windows and doors

Caulking around windows and doors can help prevent them from leaking water in the event of heavy rain or flooding. Additionally, you should tape up plywood over windows with high wind projections to prevent them from breaking in high winds. 

4. Strengthen roof protections

Reinforcing your roof by adding straps or clips to secure it against wind gusts can help protect it from damage caused by high winds or flying debris. 

5. Store extra supplies

Stock up on flashlights, batteries, food, water, and first-aid supplies just in case the power goes out during a storm. This will help ensure that everyone’s safety is taken care of if the power is down for an extended period of time following a storm. 

Keep Your Home Insurance Updated

By taking the time to prepare ahead of a storm, you can rest assured knowing that your home is as safe as possible in the event of bad weather conditions. For more tips and for your insurance coverage, call us at Allen Jones Insurance Agency today. We are proud to serve the Seguin, TX area.

Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Seguin, TX?

It is quite an achievement to own a home of your own. Home is most definitely one of the places where you spend a lot of time in your day. You are most likely to have kept some of the most valuable possessions in your house. All things considered, you need the right coverage to protect your assets and belongings  in case of potential damage.

While it is not a requirement by law to have home insurance in Seguin, TX, but it is a worthwhile investment. Allen Jones Insurance Agency is here to help. 

What Your Home Insurance Protects

Your building.

There are a number of things that may cause destruction to your building. It could be natural disasters or even people who may attempt to break into your building. In such an occurrence, your repairs are covered by insurance.

Your belongs.

In the event that destruction has occurred in your building or there has been theft that has led to loss of your belongings, your coverage will therefore play a part in compensation for the lost or destroyed items.

Treatment of injuries sustained.

At the time of calamity, if there were people in the house or within the compound, then home insurance would help cover the treatment of the individuals. This will help to protect you from potential lawsuits that are likely to be filed against you.

Extra expense.

In case the house has been damaged to the extent of being inhabitable, home insurance will therefore intervene by covering the extra expense involved with moving to a temporary residence.

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Why do Texas property owners need to have home insurance?

The Seguin, TX area can be a great place to invest in your future by purchasing a home. If you would like to purchase a property when you are in this area, you also need to select the right home insurance plan.

There are various reasons why you need to have a home insurance plan when you are in this part of Texas. 

Meet Standards and Requirements

A reason that a lot of people in Texas will need to have home insurance is so they can meet the standards and requirements that are set by your mortgage lender. Taking out a mortgage is quite common when you want to buy your home. If you do finance your home purchase with a loan, the lender will want to know that their collateral is covered and will require you to get home insurance to do so. 

Cover Property and Reduce Liability Risk

It is also a good idea to have home insurance so you can cover your property and reduce liability risks. Your home is a major asset and investment and having home insurance can help to protect this asset. With home insurance, you will get coverage to repair or replace your home in some situations. Home insurance also includes a provision for liability insurance, which can offset your personal liability risks. 

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As you are looking to invest in your home in the Seguin, TX area, it would be helpful for you to call the Allen Jones Insurance Agency. As you are discussing your needs with the Allen Jones Insurance Agency, you will get customized services that will help you build an ideal home insurance plan. This will give you comfort knowing that you have selected an ideal plan for your situation. 

When Should I Update my Home Insurance?

If you have home insurance in Seguin, TX, you need to give your policy a second look so that you can ensure it covers your current financial needs. Otherwise, you could be paying for an insurance plan that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. At Allen Jones Insurance Agency, we usually advise our clients to update their home insurance policy every year. However, you don’t need to wait for a year to lapse when the below occurs. It would help if you informed your insurance agent immediately to update your policy.

Completing a remodel

Renovating your kitchen? Adding an extra room upstairs? These significant repairs may affect the rebuilding costs of your home, and that’s why you need to adjust your home insurance plan. While this might increase your premium by a few dollars, it’s well worth it because it protects you against significant losses.

Adding a swimming pool or trampoline

When you add the above, it increases the risk of your liability claims. Suppose a guest is injured while on your premises, you could be liable for the medical costs. Worse yet, you can easily slump into a financial mess if the victim sues you. The same also goes if you add a dog. Update your home insurance by increasing your liability coverage.

Changes in local construction costs

It would help if you insured your home against the “replacement cost value” instead of the “actual cash value.” So, when the cost of the building materials changes, update the insured value of your home. When your home is insured using the replacement cost value, you will get enough compensation to rebuild or repair your home without going back into your pocket.

Home insurance in Seguin, TX

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Is Home Insurance in Seguin, TX a Good Investment?

Your Seguin, TX home is unquestionably one of the costly and most precious assets you have. Most likely, you have spent a fortune to build it, not to mention the valuables in that house. Unfortunately, a calamity can bring that whole structure down in seconds, and the likely consequences are that your home becomes uninhabitable. At this point, you release how valuable home insurance is for all homeowners, as it protects you from such unforeseen events.

If you are asking whether home insurance is a worthy investment, Allen Jones Insurance Agency has prepared reasons why home insurance is a good investment. Let’s dive in.

Protects your asset

The last thing as a homeowner you want is to lose the most valuable asset with no means of replacing it. Unfortunately, you can lose your home through perils like fire, hail, and other natural disasters. Imagine the financial and emotional pain of replacing your house if you don’t have a safety net like home insurance. Luckily, home insurance can spare you this nightmare. 

Protects your personal belongings 

Your personal belongings are what truly makes your house a home. There is no doubt about that – talk of your furniture, electronics, clothing, and even your expensive jewelry. With personal belonging coverage, you can relax knowing your home contents are covered. 

Provides liability coverage

No matter how cautious one is, accidents may occur within your property to a third party. Think of how much it would cost you for hospital bills, or worse, lawsuits expenses if you got sued. The premium you pay for your liability coverage is nothing compared to the support you receive when it’s time to call upon your insurance agent. 

Home insurance in Seguin, TX

Nothing can beat the comfort of your home, but if you are not careful, you could go back to square one if your home got damaged or destroyed. However, with home insurance, you can rest assured your investment is well-taken care of. If you would like to invest in home insurance today, contact Allen Jones Insurance Agency for an affordable quote.

Do I Need Home Insurance For My Texas Home?

At Allen Jones Insurance Agency, located in Seguin, TX, we often face this question from our clients: do I need home insurance? While Texas law doesn’t mandate homeowners to carry home insurance, it’s critical you purchase a policy. You probably have saved for many years to bring your dream of homeownership to fruition. Why would you not protect your hard-earned investment? 

If you are still unsure of why you should carry home insurance, here are some more reasons

Protects your structure

When you purchase dwelling coverage from us, you will be protecting your building from damage by fire, lightning, hail, storms, and other perils listed in your policy. In case of damage, your insurance will repair or rebuild your home up to your policy limit.

Protects your personal belongings

Owning a home is one thing, but equipping it with electronics, furniture, and other stuff is equally tasking. Home insurance protects your personal belongings, including jewelry, clothing, and firearms, from theft, fire damage, windstorms, and other covered perils.

Offers personal liability protection

Liability coverage in home insurance protects you from lawsuits in instances where you are legally liable for causing bodily injury or property damage.

Covers additional living expenses

For one reason or another, your Texas home might become uninhabitable. For instance, your house might be destroyed by fire and has to undergo repairs. You might live in a hotel in such cases, leading you to spend on meals and boarding expenses, which you wouldn’t have if you were in your home. Your home insurance saves the day in such situations.

When am I required to carry home insurance?

If a federally-regulated lender finances your home, they may require you to purchase home insurance until you pay off the mortgage. 

Now that you have seen that home insurance is a no-miss investment, it’s time to purchase this coverage from Allen Jones Insurance Agency, situated in Seguin, TX. Here, we provide our customers with different home insurance options and help them choose those that best meet their needs. Contact us today for more information.

Why should a person invest in home insurance?

In the Seguin, TX area, it is almost always a great long-term option to purchase your home. When you are a property owner here, you will continue to reap the benefits of homeownership, including having a stable place to live, enjoying tax benefits, and seeing long-term value appreciation. When you are looking to buy a home here, you should also carefully think about your insurance needs. There are several reasons why you should invest in a home insurance policy.

Insurance Protects Assets

A key advantage of getting home insurance is that you will receive protection for your assets. When you buy a home, you will be making a major investment that needs to be protected. When you get a home insurance policy, it will give you coverage if your home is damaged or destroyed. Beyond your dwelling, it can also protect your personal assets.

Insurance Provides Liability Protection

A property owner in Texas also needs to consider their liability risks and needs carefully. When you own a home, you will take on the risk that your property could have an issue that causes damage to another person’s property. If this occurs, you will need to cover the damages. Fortunately, home insurance will protect you in these situations. 

There are clearly many reasons why someone in the Seguin, TX area should get home insurance. When you are looking for your next policy here, you should reach out to the Allen Jones Insurance Agency team. When you call the Allen Jones Insurance Agency, you can receive a lot more guidance and support to help you choose a policy. This can ensure that you and your home continue to be properly covered by insurance at all times.