Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Cover Theft?

Safeguard Your Construction Site: The Necessities of Builder’s Risk Insurance

It is commonplace to find a plethora of valuable materials and equipment at construction sites, especially when a new home, storefront, or office is being erected in Seguin, TX. Unfortunately, these pricey items often become hot targets for thieves. Commodities such as plumbing fixtures, copper wirings, and appliances turn construction projects into appealing prospects for criminals. Employ builder’s risk insurance to reduce any potential losses.

What Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Cover?

This insurance plan commonly includes coverage for theft of materials used in construction or renovation and most fixtures. However, many policy packages usually exclude larceny committed by your workforce. If employee theft is a critical concern, certain business insurance types can cater to this need.

Understanding Builder’s Risk Insurance Policies

Insurance policies vary; some, for instance, insure construction tools while others don’t. Others might cover most tools but exclude larger equipment. Adequate coverage for heavy machinery can be added through a rider. Don’t hesitate to consult your insurance agent for more specifics.

Insurance Coverage for Motor Vehicles on Construction Sites

Commercial trucks and vans are often integral to construction projects. Regrettably, they can be stolen when employees are occupied elsewhere. While some builder’s risk policies cover vehicles on-site, many do not. In such cases, a commercial auto insurance policy will more likely provide coverage for a stolen or broken vehicle.

How the Allen Jones Insurance Agency Can Help

For those eyeing builder’s risk or other business coverage, the Allen Jones Insurance Agency’s specialists can assist you in finding the plan that addresses your needs. We have connections to varying policies offered by 40 different insurance providers. That allows us to offer the best possible insurance tailored to your company’s specific requirements. As an independent local agency, we proudly serve the entire Seguin, TX area, along with the rest of the state. Reach out to Allen Jones Insurance Agency for a quote or additional information.