Protect your construction project with builder’s risk insurance

Building a new home or commercial project is a pretty heady undertaking. The team at Allen Jones Insurance Agency here in Seguin, TX can help you protect your ongoing project with builder’s risk insurance. Give us a call and find out more today.

Why you need builder’s risk insurance for your construction project

Are you in the process of building a home or office? Every construction project comes with a particular set of requirements for insurance protection. Whether you are building on spec, or the project has been pre-sold, you will want to protect your investment and ongoing work.

There are a number of different risks that can come with a significant building project. All construction companies understand that when they begin a project, things may not go as planned. Because of this, it is important to have builder’s risk insurance in place before you begin.

Purchasers of the ongoing project will also need protection. If you have contracted with a builder for your residential or commercial project, make sure that you have the necessary insurance in place before you get started building. We all know that there are risks involved when it comes to construction projects of any size.

Whether you are a builder who constructs many buildings a year or you are working on a specialized, one-time project, be sure to sit down with your local agent before you break ground.

Building a new home or office is an exciting undertaking, but be sure to protect yourself!

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