Three Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

When you need auto insurance, a single policy will have several different kinds of coverage in it, depending on what’s required for you and what you choose that isn’t required. There are a number of types of coverage that can be in these policies. Each type gives you a different kind of financial protection in case of accidents and other incidents. When you’re in need of an auto insurance policy, call us at Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX.

Property Damage Liability

This is a type that pays for the other party’s damages if you’re in an accident with them that causes them to need repairs. This may be repairs done to landscaping, a building, a mailbox, a vehicle, etc. The policy pays those costs so that you don’t have to. Vehicles and other property can be extremely expensive, so it’s never a good idea to go without this coverage. 

Bodily Injury Liability

This type of liability pays for the expenses another party has if they’re injured in an accident with you. These expenses often include medical bills, but they may include other costs like ongoing therapy, lost wages, etc. Without a policy to pay for this, you could be in serious financial trouble when the bills come due. 

Collision Coverage

This is an elective type of coverage that protects your vehicle in case of an accident. While your property damage liability coverage pays for the other party’s damages, it pays nothing for yours. For that, you need to choose to have collision coverage on your policy. This is important protection that every vehicle owner needs in case of an accident. 

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Safety Tips for Urban Drivers

Urban driving can be a challenge for anyone, but even more so for new drivers. Narrow streets, heavy traffic, and crowds of pedestrians can make city driving a nerve-wracking experience. These safety tips from Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX can help enhance safety and take the stress out of urban driving. 

Urban Driving Safety Tips

Patience and alertness are key to smooth-city driving. Here are a few ways to keep your cool and stay alert on city streets:

  • Make use of navigation apps to get around, especially if you’re new to the city. These apps are free and can help you get to your destination quicker with fewer risks.
  • Always signal when changing lanes or turning to give other drivers fair notice of your intentions, so they can plan accordingly.   
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination to avoid speeding or driving haphazardly to get to your meeting on time.
  • Drive defensively but courteously to encourage everyone else to do the same. This makes for a safer, more pleasant commute.
  • Slow down at intersections and watch for pedestrians crossing the street unexpectedly. Pay special attention to people entering and exiting cars parked on the side of the road. 
  • Focus on driving and don’t get distracted by texts on your phone, music on the radio, other passengers, or the myriad of pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.
  • Keep a safe distance from other drivers, even in stop-and-go traffic. This gives you space to maneuver out of a tight spot if you have to or react quickly if the guy in front of you brakes suddenly.

Importance of Auto Insurance

Make sure your auto insurance is up-to-date and that you have the protection you need for urban driving. For quality auto coverage at affordable costs, contact Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX.

How Car Maintenance Can Decrease Your Chances of Being Involved in an Accident

At Allen Jones Insurance Agency, serving the Seguin, TX area, we trust that our clients want to do everything they can to reduce the risk of being in a car accident. No one ever wants to be involved in a car accident, and it’s important to do what we all can to prevent these potentially life-changing incidents. There are many things drivers can do to decrease their accident risk, including following the speed limit and taking defensive driving courses.

A frequently overlooked way to reduce your risk of being in an accident is by performing regular car maintenance. 

Proper Car Maintenance Ensures Your Tires Are Safe

A common but preventable reason why accidents occur is that the car’s tires were not inflated to the correct setting, or had lost too much traction with use, and were unfit to be on the road. Making sure your tires are securely attached, properly inflated, and have proper traction can help avoid accidents.

Routine Maintenance Minimizes Unexpected Stalling

Someone may rear-end you if your vehicle suddenly dies or stalls in traffic because they did not expect you to stop. Cars can suddenly die from common but preventable issues, and by performing regular vehicle maintenance, you can keep yourself and other road users safe.

Proper Car Maintenance Keeps Your Car Going Straight

Another important aspect of regular car maintenance is making sure your tires are aligned, which helps your car travel straight. This helps to keep you safe while driving and decreases the chance that you will get into an accident.

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The Benefits of Adding Your Spouse to Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you have recently gotten married, you may wonder if there is any benefit to adding your spouse to your auto insurance policy. Here at Allen Jones Insurance Agency, serving the greater Seguin, TX area, we recommend spouses share an auto insurance policy.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

Ensures You Are Both Covered in the Event of an Accident

One of the benefits of adding your spouse to your auto insurance policy is that it ensures you are both covered on each other’s vehicles. Most spouses share cars or borrow each other’s cars. Having both cars and spouses on the same policy ensures there are no coverage issues in the event of an accident. 

Helps to Cover Your Shared Financial Interests

Another reason why adding your spouse to your auto insurance policy is so important is that it helps to cover your shared financial interests. When you have the same policy, you have the same coverage limits. You share finances, so you probably both need the same coverage limits to cover your shared financial interests. 

May Help You to Save Money

Lastly, many auto insurance companies reduce your policy if you are married. It is also typically cheaper to share one policy than for each of you to pay for your own separate auto insurance policies. 

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Spouses often share cars and have the same financial interests to protect. As such, it makes sense to share an auto insurance policy. If you are looking to get an auto insurance policy with your spouse, the team at Allen Jones Insurance Agency, serving the greater Seguin, TX area, would love to help you. Call us today to schedule an appointment to sit down and talk about your auto insurance needs. 

Auto insurance add-ons for your policy

Most full coverage auto policies include the same components. They are the basics that most drivers feel are what makes their coverage complete. But, there are some other add-ons that you can choose to make your auto policy even more complete. At Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX we are independent agents and we work with our customers to customize their insurance coverage to suit their personal needs.  

Auto insurance add-ons 

Roadside assistance

Nothing feels quite as bad as going out to start your car and having a dead battery. It never happens in a convenient place or at a convenient time. If you have roadside assistance, help is just a call away. Getting a flat tire can be very disturbing, especially if it happens on the highway or at night. Not to worry if you have roadside assistance. Lock your keys in your car? It has happened to everyone at one time or another; calling roadside assistance can get you into the car in no time at all. Roadside assistance can be a lifesaver if you have a car breakdown or any of the other aforementioned issues. 

Gap Coverage

If you have purchased a car and have an auto loan, you may find in the event you have a serious accident, your car is totaled. The insurance company will tell you how much they are going to pay you for that vehicle. Depending on how much of a downpayment you put on your vehicle, you may owe more than the amount you are going to receive. This is where gap insurance comes in. It fills the gap between the amount you receive and the amount you owe. It keeps you from ending up in a negative situation. 

Contact Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX when you are ready to take your auto insurance to the next level. 

What Are The Risks Of Not Having Auto Insurance?

In the state of Texas, car owners are required to carry proper car insurance. However, there are still people who decide to save some money and drive without insurance. If you are also thinking about doing it, Allen Jones Insurance Agency serving clients in Seguin, TX prepared a list of risks of not having auto insurance you should know about: 

Risk of Being Liable For Expensive Repairs

If you do not carry auto insurance, and you are involved in a car accident, you will be responsible for all the repairs. It may be a fortune, depending on the amount of damage. Also, if there are any other drivers or passengers involved in the accident, they may sue you for their personal injuries and damages. 

Risking Lives of Other People

If you are driving without insurance, you are putting at risk not only on yourself but other people as well. If a road accident occurs and other passengers in your car need medical attention and treatment, you will have to cover their medical bills yourself out of pocket. 

Risking of Receiving a Ticket or Being Arrested

You should know that driving without auto insurance is considered a misdemeanor offense that is punishable by a fine. Moreover, there are some cases when drivers can be punished by imprisonment. 

Auto insurance is required in Texas, and you cannot drive without proper insurance, otherwise, it is considered illegal. Allen Jones Insurance Agency serving clients in Seguin, TX and other nearby towns is ready to provide you with all the information you need to have about this type of insurance. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. 

Common Texas Car Insurance Myths Debunked

When you are purchasing Texas car insurance, a lot of questions about your own life will go through your mind. You have to think about driving records, what impacts your insurance rates, and what kind of coverage you need to drive on Texas roads.

At Allen Jones Insurance Agency, we want Seguin, TX residents to be clear on everything when it comes to purchasing your Texas auto insurance. We want to make sure that the most common car insurance myths don’t prevent you from getting the right coverage.

Car Accidents and Traffic Violations

It is common knowledge that when you get involved in an accident, you may be charged with a traffic violation or get a ticket. This will always impact your auto insurance. Some people think that if you don’t get a ticket or charge after an accident, your insurance is not impacted.

This is sometimes not the case. If the other driver makes a claim and involves your insurance company, you may see an increase in your premiums.

Texas Auto Insurance Follows the Car

This is among the most common confusions when purchasing car insurance, or when letting someone else drive your vehicle. If a friend or family member drives your car, your insurance will be involved in any problems that may come up.

Their insurance may be involved for medical costs. However, your insurance covers your property, regardless of who is driving at the time of a collision.

Driving Record is Not the Only Thing That Matters

There are a lot of factors that go into determining your car insurance policy. Your driver record matters. There are other things that are taken into consideration as well. 

Security features such as anti-theft devices, the price of your vehicle, and your insurance record will all play a role in your insurance premiums. It doesn’t mean you can’t get car insurance if there are some problems here, but this information will impact premiums.

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Benefits of Getting Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is one of the mandatory policies that vehicle owners are required to have, with Seguin, TX laws requiring drivers to have bodily injury liability, among other coverage options. This is because auto policies come with numerous advantages, helping you and other motorists get proper protection while on the road. Below, Allen Jones Insurance Agency explains the benefits of getting auto insurance.

Compliance With the Law

As previously stated, drivers within the state need to have proof of insurance for every vehicle purchased. This means getting insurance like liability coverage, personal injury protection, and, where required, uninsured/underinsured coverage. Without these, you risk getting penalties, with the long-term repercussions being the revocation of your license. The solution to avoiding such inconveniences is purchasing auto insurance which helps you comply with the legal requirements.

Financial Security

If you are involved in an accident that results in 3rd party injuries or property damage, you will be required to pay for these costs. If you do not have auto insurance, paying out of pocket will be inevitable. In addition to this, lawsuits arising from these emergencies also come with fees such as legal charges and damages. This can leave you in financial turmoil, with auto insurance coming in handy in providing compensation for any of these events.

Eases Your Lending Journey

Numerous lenders currently require auto insurance from borrowers as a guarantee that their investments are protected when accidents occur. Without this, your financing agent may be reluctant to sign off on your car loan. Auto insurance helps you get a smooth financing process during the purchase of your vehicle, acting as proof that your car has the suitable protection to keep it safe during perils.

To get auto insurance with the above benefits, consider calling Allen Jones Insurance Agency today. We provide customized policies for Seguin, TX drivers.

Three Factors to Consider When Getting Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance may feel stressful at first as there are a lot of factors to consider. Fortunately, a bit of research and time could make the whole process much easier. Talking with auto insurance pros is wise as well. Contact the Allen Jones Insurance Agency, which serves Seguin, TX, if you’d like further advice.

Should You get Full Coverage or Limited Liability Insurance?

Many drivers opt for full coverage auto insurance. This insurance typically covers damages and medical costs for drivers and their passengers and anyone else (such as another driver) injured in a car accident. Further, damage to your vehicle may be covered as well.

Limited liability insurance typically covers other parties but may not cover you completely. For example, if your car is damaged in an accident, you may have to pay out of pocket for repairs.

Deciding between full and limited liability insurance is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when selecting an auto insurance plan.

What Other Events and Damages Are Covered?

When shopping for auto insurance, you need to consider the multitude of things that could impact your car. Is weather damage covered by a specific plan? How about vehicle theft? What if someone steals something, say a laptop, that was inside the car?

By examining individual auto insurance plans or talking with an insurance pro, you can figure out exactly what’s covered.

How Much is the Deductible?

Many auto insurance plans include a deductible. This means your insurance provider may not cover costs until you reach a certain threshold. Instead, you might have to pay out of pocket for repairs and the like. Often, you can select different deductibles when setting your auto insurance policy.

Many other factors should also be considered while shopping for car insurance. Contact Allen Jones Insurance Agency, which serves Seguin, TX, for professional advice.

Do I need more than basic auto insurance

Being able to drive provides a lot of freedom. But before you hit the road, you need to be sure you have the auto insurance required. Most states have basic auto insurance requirements. Basic insurance is the least amount you can legally have but do you need more? At Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX, our staff will meet your insurance needs and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. 

In Texas, drivers are required to prove they can pay for the damages caused in an accident. The most common way to do this is with auto insurance. The very least you can have in Texas is 30/60/25. This is liability coverage. It will pay $30,000 in medical expenses to one person and $60,000 for the entire accident. It also covers $25,000 for any property damage. If you know anything about medical expenses or vehicle prices, you realize this really is basic. 

If you don’t have a lot of assets, this is an acceptable amount of insurance. However, once you have a home, savings, or any other assets, this is not enough to offer you peace of mind. This is where talking to an insurance agent you trust is something you need to do. This protects the other people in an accident, but what about your vehicle?

If you have a car loan, you will need to carry collision and comprehensive insurance, and even if you don’t owe anything, this protection can really help out if anything happens to your car. Having the money to pay for repairs is not easy for everyone, and when you need your car to get to work, it has to get repaired. 

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