Do I Need Home Insurance For My Texas Home?

At Allen Jones Insurance Agency, located in Seguin, TX, we often face this question from our clients: do I need home insurance? While Texas law doesn’t mandate homeowners to carry home insurance, it’s critical you purchase a policy. You probably have saved for many years to bring your dream of homeownership to fruition. Why would you not protect your hard-earned investment? 

If you are still unsure of why you should carry home insurance, here are some more reasons

Protects your structure

When you purchase dwelling coverage from us, you will be protecting your building from damage by fire, lightning, hail, storms, and other perils listed in your policy. In case of damage, your insurance will repair or rebuild your home up to your policy limit.

Protects your personal belongings

Owning a home is one thing, but equipping it with electronics, furniture, and other stuff is equally tasking. Home insurance protects your personal belongings, including jewelry, clothing, and firearms, from theft, fire damage, windstorms, and other covered perils.

Offers personal liability protection

Liability coverage in home insurance protects you from lawsuits in instances where you are legally liable for causing bodily injury or property damage.

Covers additional living expenses

For one reason or another, your Texas home might become uninhabitable. For instance, your house might be destroyed by fire and has to undergo repairs. You might live in a hotel in such cases, leading you to spend on meals and boarding expenses, which you wouldn’t have if you were in your home. Your home insurance saves the day in such situations.

When am I required to carry home insurance?

If a federally-regulated lender finances your home, they may require you to purchase home insurance until you pay off the mortgage. 

Now that you have seen that home insurance is a no-miss investment, it’s time to purchase this coverage from Allen Jones Insurance Agency, situated in Seguin, TX. Here, we provide our customers with different home insurance options and help them choose those that best meet their needs. Contact us today for more information.