An In-Depth Look At Builders Risk Insurance

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A Look At Builders Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance covers your construction or renovation project if it suffers damages. Your local Seguin, TX building project will be covered if damaged due to a fire, explosion, or severe weather such as hurricanes and tornados. The policy also covers your project if it is vandalized or accidentally damaged by a vehicle or flying object.

Builders risk insurance is an asset because the weather in Texas is often unpredictable. The policy protects if a disaster arises. Take time to research different policies. You can find a policy that covers a completed project or a pending project. Normally, the policies are available in three, six, and twelve-month terms. You can amend your policy to extend the length of the term. You can add coverage whether you are building a new home or building a new office for your business. Builders risk insurance is an asset regardless of how complex the project is.

If you are planning a commercial project, you can amend your policy to cover the building’s interior and exterior. While the project is being completed, you can add coverage to protect the construction materials, scaffolding, and fencing. However, to add liability coverage, you’ll have to look at different policies.  

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