Commercial insurance FAQs

Owning a business, no matter what the size, is risky. Today, it is riskier than ever. Knowing your risk is important. A trusted insurance agent can help you to identify and mitigate with the correct commercial insurance coverage. Different businesses have different risks, and ensuring your insurance gives you the right protection can save your business. At Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX, we work for our customers, and we will make sure you have the coverage you need and aren’t paying for any you don’t need. 

Is commercial insurance required in Texas?

The only type of commercial insurance required by law in Texas is commercial auto insurance. All vehicles owned by a business must have 30/60/25 coverage. This liability coverage protects others who are injured or have their property damaged by one of your vehicles. 

Do I need to have workers’ compensation insurance?

The reality is you don’t need to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy, but that does not mean you are not liable to pay for any illness or injuries that are a result of work. That is written into Texas law. Workers’ compensation insurance can be a good financial decision to pay these claims. 

What commercial insurance should I have for my small business?

Most small businesses can benefit from, at the very minimum, commercial property and liability insurance. This protects your business from legal dangers as well as physical hazards like fire and severe storms. 

Do home businesses need commercial insurance?

Yes, they do. Your personal insurance may refuse to pay claims involving your business Talk to your insurance agent about what coverage you need. 

When you need to talk to an independent insurance agent about your commercial insurance needs, contact Allen Jones Insurance Agency in Seguin, TX.