Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Seguin, TX?

It is quite an achievement to own a home of your own. Home is most definitely one of the places where you spend a lot of time in your day. You are most likely to have kept some of the most valuable possessions in your house. All things considered, you need the right coverage to protect your assets and belongings  in case of potential damage.

While it is not a requirement by law to have home insurance in Seguin, TX, but it is a worthwhile investment. Allen Jones Insurance Agency is here to help. 

What Your Home Insurance Protects

Your building.

There are a number of things that may cause destruction to your building. It could be natural disasters or even people who may attempt to break into your building. In such an occurrence, your repairs are covered by insurance.

Your belongs.

In the event that destruction has occurred in your building or there has been theft that has led to loss of your belongings, your coverage will therefore play a part in compensation for the lost or destroyed items.

Treatment of injuries sustained.

At the time of calamity, if there were people in the house or within the compound, then home insurance would help cover the treatment of the individuals. This will help to protect you from potential lawsuits that are likely to be filed against you.

Extra expense.

In case the house has been damaged to the extent of being inhabitable, home insurance will therefore intervene by covering the extra expense involved with moving to a temporary residence.

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