How Bond Insurance Reduces Borrowing Costs for Municipalities

Municipalities, including cities like Seguin, TX and the surrounding areas, counties, and states, frequently turn to issuing municipal bonds to raise funds for various public projects and infrastructure improvements. These bonds are debt securities sold to investors with the promise of regular interest payments and the repayment of the bond’s face value upon maturity. However, the cost of borrowing for municipalities can be substantial due to perceived risks. 

Understanding Bond Insurance

Bond insurance, also known as municipal bond insurance or financial guarantee insurance, is a financial product that guarantees principal and interest payments on municipal bonds. Insurance companies offer it and act as a safety net for investors, ensuring they receive their due payments even if the issuer faces financial difficulties.

Key Benefits of Bond Insurance for Municipalities

  • Lower Borrowing Costs: When a municipality’s bonds are insured, they receive a higher credit rating, often reaching the highest possible rating (AAA or its equivalent). This increased creditworthiness makes the bonds more attractive to investors, leading to lower interest rates on the debt issued. Ultimately, this means lower borrowing costs for the municipality, saving taxpayer dollars in interest payments.
  • Enhanced Market Access: Bond insurance can broaden the market for a municipality’s bonds. With insurance backing, bonds appeal to a broader range of investors, including risk-averse individuals and institutions. This increased demand can result in better pricing and lower yields.
  • Improved Credit Profile: Bond insurance enhances a municipality’s credit profile, making it more attractive to bondholders. This can lead to faster and more efficient bond issuance and helps create a solid financial reputation for the municipality.

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