New Braunfels, TX Insurance Agents • Allen Jones Insurance Agency

We are a One stop shop for businesses, their owners/executives, and Individuals. We are Headquartered in Texas and also licensed in Fl, AZ, NM, & OH. We can add any state you need!

Our Goal- helping companies with proper risk management and high net worth individuals like business owners, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs. Giving them a personalized insurance and SELF Insurance Expert who specializes in properly purchasing and using your insurance program, which leads to guaranteed long term rate reduction.

I am not a salesman just trying to sell you garbage paper that makes the sheep feel safe and secure. The reality is, you have to buy insurance in todays world, so we minimize the cost and manage the expectations of what you think insurance companies should be, vs what they really are... Necessary A-holes...

I can prove our method is best for risk management, and you will either use us, or you can buy it elsewhere, but either way the system makes you buy it!

If our agency helps you & educates you in a way that is better than what you are doing now, I would hope you have the integrity to give us your business. If you learn from us and go elsewhere, I will hire your company to do a bunch of work, then pay your competitor. :-)

Our staff will meet your service needs. I personally sell & market every policy that gets sold through the agency.

We work FOR our CUSTOMERS, not for any specific insurance company. Let me shop different insurance carriers for the best product, at the best price for you! Teaching you how to use it properly, so you will stay profitable and lower the overall cost of Insurance drastically!

If you have a broker working hard for you, then stay with them! If you do not, then give us a call and we can show you why you will never use another employee "agent" for your personal lines or commercial Insurance again.

Brokers Work For Their Clients and Businesses- Agents work for their company. So who has your best interest in mind?